Early weekend forecast

XC skier road warning sign

Warming trend starting Thursday and through the weekend. Daytime temps into the 50s in the metro NYC region, upper 30s in the northern regions.

Scattered snow showers Wednesday mid-day through Thursday, but not much accumulation except in the interior of northern New England.

If you’re someone who can choose their hours or a retiree, get the skiing while you can. Several of the areas that are currently skiable are unlikely to remain so for next weekend. Hit the ‘State of the touring centers’ link for the conditions as of Feb. 19.

Colorado 19th century skiers
What do you say we forget about work and go skiing instead?

Here’s the snow depth map- lots of places to go for the midweek!

Snow depth map of northeast US, Feb. 19
Snow depth in northeast US, Feb. 19

All hail the Ginzugroomer, which was used by Minnewaska to break up the ice on trails. Seems like the grooming accessory of choice when trails are becoming solid ice.