The usual NYC snowstorm


[2/20]: Wolfsnow68 reports that Fahnestock got some snow that turned into “a downpour of freezing rain” and will remain closed. Over at Minnewaska, Antelope4455 reports “The groomers were pleasantly surprised at the relatively minimal loss of snow… Ski conditions fair overall, with some good stretches.  Base is 2 – 4″ and best coverage can still be found on Millbrook Mountain and Hamilton Point.”

Yesterday’s news

Psyched to get some snow, but it will later turn to sleet, freezing rain and rain. The worst part is the snowfall amounts will be lesser further north, meaning little that will help Fahnestock or Minnewaska- and there’s a warm front coming for Thursday.

Total new snow forecast as of Feb. 21 7am
Total new snow forecast as of Feb. 21 7am

Daytime temps on Thursday will be in the mid-40s up the entire Hudson river valley, and across Massachusetts. In the mountain regions you can expect mid-20s to about 40 for the highs.

Spring skiing weather continues through the weekend and peaks on Sunday before dropping back toward what-used-to-be-normal winter temps on Monday.

But for today and maybe tomorrow, NYC residents and commuters will practice our unique snow sports:

man slipping on crosswalk
A New Yorker demonstrating the crosswalk luge