State of the touring centers

How to use: Zoomable and scrollable using whatever are the appropriate gestures for your device. Click an icon to reveal details and more info.

Key to icons and color coding:

  • ‘Good skiing’ (green): most or all trails open, with good snow cover
  • ‘Skiable’ (sage/olive green): most trails open, some conditions on the trail
  • ‘Minimally skiable’ (yellow-orange): few trails open, trail/snow conditions can be challenging
  • A snowflake instead of a skier indicates an expected, or ‘pending’ state of skiability, with the color of the expected state. This is used for areas where trails are closed when I checked (e.g., midweek) but will reopen within a day or so. Click the mark for more details- usually ‘Word’ will indicate when they will reopen.

Other marks:

  • (X) icon indicates trails aren’t open for skiing
  • (?) status means ‘TBD or No report’, because the center hasn’t posted an update for some time or is deciding what to do.
  • Open dot, for ‘Offseason’ denotes a ski center that hasn’t opened yet or that their season is over.
  • Small dot, for ‘Placemark only’ is for areas that technically offer XC skiing but aren’t checked for a conditions report. Sorry, I’m only human, and some places just don’t post much or aren’t worth the effort IMHO.

More information:

Click on an icon for details, including address, contact info, and standard services.

Besides ‘Skiability’, ‘Word’ provides brief descriptive detail useful to the skier. Both are based on reports by the area or reputable info. ‘Snow sourcing’ started for 2019/20 and is still an experiment.

The map is updated when I can, usually once or twice a week during the season.