State of the touring centers

Embedded Google map with status of touring centers as of the date indicated. Updated when I can, usually once or twice a week during the season. Click an icon to reveal details and more info, and of course it’s zoomable using whatever are the appropriate gestures for your device.

Legend of icons for Google map

Icons denoting ‘skiability’:

  • ‘Good skiing’ (green): most or all trails open, with good snow cover
  • ‘Skiable’ (sage/olive green): most trails open, some conditions on the trail
  • ‘Marginally skiable’ (yellow-orange): few trails open, trail/snow conditions can be challenging

The icon with an ‘X’ indicates trails aren’t open for skiing. The ‘?’ status means ‘TBD or No report’, because the center hasn’t posted an update for some time or is deciding what to do. ‘Offseason’ denotes the ski center either hasn’t opened yet or their season is over.

If you’re thinking about making a trip to one of the touring centers, you can click on an icon for details.

‘Skiability’ gives the bottom line recommendation, and ‘Word’ provides the shortest amount of detail that’s useful IMHO. ‘Snow sourcing’ is new for 2019/20- I’m trying it out as a way to differentiate areas that maintain skiable conditions only because they can make snow, from those that rely entirely on natural snow.