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[2/18]: Antelope4455 states “Grooming is almost complete at Minnewaska.  The carriage roads in the Lake Minnewaska area are open to skiing only today.  The groomers were out with barrels and have rolled and matted the following trails: Lake Minnewaska (Red) 3.2 km, Upper Awosting (Green) 5.0 km Castle Point (Blue) 7.4 km, Hamilton Point (Yellow “H”) 4.7 km, Millbrook Mountain (Yellow) 4.0 km. No track was set because the base is too thin.  Base depths range from 1 – 2+ inches, with the best coverage on Millbrook and Hamilton.  Even though it’s thin in spots, the only bare spot is Battlement’s Terrace stretch on Castle Point.  I’d rate overall conditions as fair, with some good stretches out there.”

In the interest of time, below are selected status updates. Hit the link to ‘List of touring centers’ for websites and contact info.

  • Fahnestock: No skiing
  • High Point: Closed
  • Mohonk: Skiable. Groomed but no tracks
  • Minnewaska: Skiable. Groomed but no tracks
  • Mountain Trails: Closed
  • Winding Trails: Closed. Didn’t get enough snow
  • Maple Corner Farm: Good skiing. 3-4″ new snow on 5″ base. Fresh powder with all trails groomed and tracks set.
  • Canterbury Farm: Good skiing. 4″ new snow
  • Pineridge: Skiable. 1″ new snow and lightly snowing
  • Notchview Reservation: Good skiing. 3″ new snow
  • Northfield Mountain: Skiable. 1″ new snow. Packed powder on frozen granular
  • Brattleboro Outing Club: Skiable. 27k open with a dusting of new snow
  • Prospect Mountain: Skiable. Granular surface. Base 9-12″. Snow in the forecast
  • Stump Sprouts: Skiable. 1″ new snow, 3-4″ expected today. 6-10″ base. (cash or check only)
  • Crystal Lake Ski & Outdoor Center: Skiable. 2″ new snow
  • Lapland Lake: Good skiing. 49k open. Currently snowing
Let's go skiing!