President’s day weekend and beyond


Olaf the snowman is disappointed
You promised we’d go skiing!

[Feb. 16]: Conditions ‘poor’ at Minnewaska. Antelope4455 said groomers went through “Millbrook Mountain and Hamilton Point, with hope that they may provide some decent skiing… There are many thin sections and some bare stretches and the condition of the snow is chunky, from the icy crust. Those two trails will provide the best ski opportunities, but we’re calling it poor conditions.”

[Feb. 16]: A skier reports that Mohonk trails are closed.

Rats. Conditions were decently skiable in the Gunks as recently as yesterday.

Colorado 19th century skiers
Oh, to be a freelancer and choose your days to ski

Alternative destinations

All is not lost, however. Maybe Minnewaska’s conditions aren’t appealing, and this weekend there are alternatives besides Prospect Mountain. In western Massachusetts Maple Corner farm is open for skiing (2-1/2 hrs). Notchview has come through, as have Stump Sprouts, and Canterbury Farms. All are less than 3-1/2 hours away. Also within 3-1/2 hours are Northfield Mountain and Brattleboro Outing club if you’re heading up I-91. Check out the ‘List of touring centers’ for drive time estimates and links to each area’s website.

The further north you go, the better conditions are. Hit up the ‘State of the touring centers’ above for details as well as contact info for touring centers.

Snow depth in northeast US February 16

Early news for the week ahead

Some snow is coming during the night Sunday into early Monday, the greatest amount centered over the Catskills, and lighter amounts across the Adirondacks and VT. We in the downstate region may see a bit of snow, but not likely much accumulation. The Gunks could get a few inches though.

Total new snow forecast for Feb. 18, 7pm

The next snowstorm will start early morning Wednesday, but by Thursday will turn to ice south of Albany, and possibly rain from the Shawangunks on down. We can hope the snow line pushes farther south. Hang in there, Olaf!

Olaf the snowman happy and anxious
Maybe if I smile real hard, it will snow again.