Forecast: klister

Believe it or not, Notchview still had skiable trails today, and Prospect Mountain was looking good. Lucky retirees and freelancers with a very flexible schedule might be able to get in another day of skiing on hard wax.

I downgraded a number of areas to ‘skiable’ b/c so many reported ‘soft and wet’ snow, which is often a PITA to wax for and can be pretty slow because the moisture creates suction. As the snow transforms over the course of the week, the skiing should actually improve, provided there’s enough base.

With a warm front and a chance of precipitation midweek, and a cold front returning for Friday evening into Saturday, it’s time to think klister or going waxless for the weekend. Or pulling out the skate skis.

Universal klister

Whether skate or stride, put the skis on the bench and rewax for the change in snow and moisture.

The zen of ski waxing

A random sonic tidbit out of Vermont Public Radio on how to wax cross-country skis:

Kyle Darling of Skirack in Burlington, a former college skier who runs waxing clinics at the store, describes how to prep nordic skis for winter.


Today’s photo again courtesy of Prospect Mountain. This contraption won’t be so easy around the turns, and must be tough going up the hills. Come to think of it, that’s how I usually feel on skis.

Skis like a bike
Skis like a bike

Snow depth map below, but sadly the area of coverage will contract all week. We’ll see what there is by late Friday or early Saturday. Meantime, hit up the ‘State of the touring centers’ link above to see what conditions are as of Tuesday Feb 5.

Snow depth in northeast US Feb 5
Snow depth in northeast US Feb 5