Groundhog’s eve

Fahnestock has 8k open. Should stay that way through Saturday.

[update 2/3: Fahnestock ski trails are closed]

Minnewaska reported this on 1/31:

Good Morning! The following ski trails are open: Lake Minnewaska (Red) 3.2 km, Upper Awosting (Green) 5.0 km Castle Point (Blue) 7.4 km, Hamilton Point (Yellow “H” ) 4.7 km, Millbrook Mountain (Yellow) 4.0 km, Beacon Hill (Orange) 1.2 km and Scenic Sunset (Orange) 1.3 km… Track was set for all the trails listed, EXCEPT Castle Point, yesterday, but the afternoon squall, and blowing snow overnight, filled in a lot of the track, so we will be resetting track on most trails.

Skier report on Mohonk, Feb 1:

Bounticou Road freshly grooomed with tracks set (some leaves in the tracks in a few places). Top loop of Guyot Hill only groomed once, a bit rough, but still quite skiable (better for classic there)

Just in time to watch “Groundhog Day“, a movie with an existential message within an endlessly repeated day.

As to the ‘state of the touring centers’, hit the link above for the details. Here’s a visual of the snow cover as of today:

Snow depth in northeast US, Feb 1
Snow depth in northeast US

Aside from a little lake effect snow in the northern part of NY, no snowfall anticipated. Temps are going to get pretty warm by Monday, so get out while you can.

Today’s photo is from Prospect Mountain:

Prospect Mountain January 31
Prospect Mountain, Jan. 31