Conditions Dec. 3 2022

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Not much happening as far as skiing goes.


BETA report as of today is ‘still waiting’. That’s the general consensus across other ski touring centers. See ‘State of the touring centers‘ or in the menu above for reported conditions as of today. Snow depth graphic below shows the sparse cover and depth:

Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 3 2022 (NWS) , with ski centers marked

Other stuff

Via the AMC-SKI NY/NoJ Google group comes a link to an activity at Paul Smith’s VIC that looks kind of interesting:

Old videos of skiers in the Alps illustrate the mix of downhill and cross-country style techniques needed in the high mountains. Some scenes show telemark turns and a form of skate-skiing, all done with the free-heel bindings of the day:

Juxtapose the videos above with this semi-documentary of Norwegians checking out the skiers of the Altai region, where some believe skiing originated:

The old vs. new/ancient styles of skiing!