Excitation x Opportunity

The Olympics are on. Jessie Diggins won her second Olympic medal three days ago, and in today’s Men’s 15k Classic, the podium was stacked with the favorites from Finland, Russia (ROC), and Norway. I can justify paying for cable because it allows me to watch the replays on the NBCSports streaming app.

People who aren’t dedicated winter sports participants commonly assume what they see (eg, no snow) is applicable more generally. Even if events like the Olympics get them excited to go skiing, the opportunity may seem lacking. Yet even now actual cross-country skiing can be had for a 2-hour drive from Manhattan. Is it perfect? No, but it’s more than good enough to satisfy and refresh. And spring skiing conditions are a gift for the chilly-challenged.

At this very moment, High Point is open although the base is getting a bit thin. Minnewaska has some trails open, and the Upper Awosting trail is reserved for skiers, although there’s scattered debris from the ice storm earlier in the week.

In western Massachusetts, Notchview; Canterbury; Maple Corner Farm; and Stump Sprouts all report skiable conditions. The above generally have frozen granular in the early mornings softening to loose/wet granular in the afternoons. A bit further from there, Prospect Mountain in Vermont has freshly groomed corduroy and tracks waiting to be skied on (see featured image for this post).

Many of the areas have gotten overnight dustings of snow to keep things a bit freshened. Trails may hold up through Saturday, but it would be wise to check an area’s website before heading up. See List of Touring Centers for info.

If movie-star social media is what it takes to kick the excitation threshold over the threshold, it looks like 50-something Catharine Zeta-Jones and 70-something husband Michael Douglas went out for a cross-country ski (looks like maybe they took a lesson):

Have fun!