Mt van Hoevenberg new trail map

New trail map is finally up at A PDF version also available.

Posted on Instagram, about 4k of the new trails are open. The loops are between the new lodge and Biathlon range, going out as far as the reservoir. The old stadium area is partially seen at the lower left corner of the Instagram image, approximately where the ‘Pump House’ label is located.

While backcountry conditions won’t be skiable for the weekend, Barkeater Trail Alliance posts things are looking a bit better than earlier forecasts: “as of this morning the “R” word is no longer in the forecast…  Total accumulation of 1-3″ predicted, and sounds like pretty dense stuff, so it will be a good, if minimal, base.  Then more snow showers Sunday and Monday, which will make at least golf courses and the smoother, easier terrain skiable.”

One thought on “Mt van Hoevenberg new trail map

  1. costumestosuityourfancy

    Hello- read your article on X -C bindings. Those are Bona skis – I believe they were called Bona 1800’s I loved them, and I sill have my pair hanging in my basement. I just can’t bear to part with them. Now, stripping them and putting on new pine tar – I can’t bear that, either!
    FYI= I was told by a mountain shop owner/X_C ski instructor that before the 1970’s standard 3 pin binding there was another dark ages of a plethora of binding systems. I’m old as dirt, and I remember when there were so few of us X-C skiers, that if you saw skinny skiis on a car roof top, you honked and waved. Last week took the grandson up to the mountain and the parking lots were full!


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