The end of 2020- conditions and forecast

Summary: It’s not pretty because you’d have to travel pretty far to get skiable conditions. The two Osceolas are the best bet right now.

No major snowstorm expected, but some rain will come in at the end of the week, with a possible shift to snow up north during the weekend. Mild temperatures for the remainder of the week will make it hard for areas to keep snow or to make snow. Hope for snow upstate by Sunday, and some mild springlike ski conditions Sunday and Monday.

Covid Disclaimer: Take into account state travel restrictions on quarantine and testing before travel, AND guidance of the touring center’s website.

Some areas are limiting access to season pass holders or those with advance registration. Services may be limited, and prepare for self-sufficiency using your vehicle as your ‘lodge’.


Hit up ‘State of the touring centers‘ or in the menu above. Snow depth graphic here:

Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 30 2020
Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 30 2020 (NWS)

Be kind to your local trail groomers- there’s a lot of unpredictable work involved. Here’s what some places have been dealing with in the aftermath of Christmas weekend:

Clearing a large fallen tree from trail at Viking Nordic Center, Vermont.
Viking Nordic Center, Dec. 29: “We’re getting there. The last few trees are cut up and pushed off the trails. We’ll be checking the night skiing lights tomorrow then we’ll take a few days off to recuperate. Now, all we need is snow!”

From 2016 comes this additional bit of insight from the Rochester (NY) XC Ski Foundation, “A day in the life of an RXCSF groomer“.


A light mix of rain down south, wintry mix and snow up north tonight and early New Year’s Eve. Light winds shift southerly on New Year’s Day, bringing moisture up from the south Friday afternoon and evening. Some precipitation expected later Friday and into Saturday, which will fall as mainly as rain or freezing rain.

Daytime temperatures trending upward till Saturday when it will hit the mid-50s in NYC and just about freezing in the north country. Northern New Hampshire and interior Maine will be just below the freezing mark.

The remaining precipitation may shift to snow showers late Saturday and on Sunday and could result in significant accumulation in the Tug Hill plateau and north country. Select mountain areas might also see several inches Saturday night. For the end of the weekend and the early part of next week, temperatures will dip slightly to a mild wintry feel. Weather should clear, with daytime temps in the mid-40s in NYC and low to mid-30s in the northern areas and higher elevations.