Conditions 1/5 and forecast

Summary: Up north, yesterday’s light rain turned over to snow late in the day with refreezing overnight. Conditions today are generally fast. This week there are opportunities for some snow refresh and great conditions. Unfortunately the weekend brings a very warm spell with more rain.

Several ski centers report they received some rain and then a small amount of snow. Osceola and some of the areas in Vermont were disappointed. They may get another shot for better conditions during the first part of the week.

Of the ones that made out better, Garnet Hill has 30k open and is Pisten Bully grooming. Bretton Woods, Great Glen, and Trapp Family Lodge have almost all trails open. Craftsbury has an awesome 83k open.

Prospect Mountain is doing well, but will suffer late in the week when temperatures rise. If you have the time, they have the trails.

Barkeater Alliance conditions report is slightly out of date given the rain/snow, but anticipate caution in the woods where ice or other hazards lurk under a thin cover of new snow.

‘State of the touring centers’ is updated. Here’s the graphic:

Snow depth northeast US, 2020-0105 with ski touring centers locations

Forecast: In the northeast, slight possibility of snow and rain showers on Monday, and moderate chance on Wednesday. Some snow accumulation in northern NY and VT through the midweek, but not more than a few inches in most places. However, Osceola could receive 10″ of snow by Thursday morning.

Daytime temperatures for the region: 30w to 40s Monday, trending downward to reach ‘teens to 30s Thursday.

Balmy weather from the southwest arrives Friday, bringing rain showers across the entire region Saturday. Daytime temps next Saturday will be nearly 60 in NYC, and in the low to mid-40s even in the far north.