Conditions and news

A scattering of snow and light rain across northern NY and New England today will clear, and warmer daytime temps will move in tomorrow.

Jackson had some informal skiing last week but no longer. Osceola as gone back to advising rock skis for now, and it sounds similar for Trapp Family Lodge. Garnet Hill still has 10k of soft wet snow to ski on and isn’t charging a trail fee today. On the other hand, Rikert opened up a few K.

Friday may bring some snow to the Tug Hill plateau and across parts of the north country. Winds should be light, from the east.

There’s nothing much to post as a forecast, but the ‘State of the touring centers’ has been updated, and here’s the snow depth as of today:

Snow depth map of Northeast US, Nov 19 2019
Snow depth Northeast US, Nov 19 2019

Miscellaneous News

File this under old news: a story in the Rutland Herald about some storied Vermont XC ski centers. It’s largely a story of evolution of businesses over time. Small areas like Viking Nordic and resorts like Trapp Family Lodge alike have adapted their recreational offerings to offset variability of snow and the tastes of tourism.

Last season I referenced a story in the Rome Sentinel about the owner of Osceola Tug Hill wanting to retire and sell the place. Well, it looks like a new ski area will soon be opening literally next door to Osceola:

Cross country ski resort planned in Lewis County

I gather that Osceola and the new biz couldn’t agree on terms for some kind of buyout.

This data field ‘intentionally left blank’

And in one minor bit of annoyance, a peeve about Snocountry’s method of reporting XC ski center reports. The circled area indicates how Snocountry expects a Nordic center to report Trails and Lifts open:

Snocountry detail of conditions at XC ski area
Snocountry uses same data table for Nordic as Alpine

Bad enough that Snocountry uses the same attributes as for alpine, but the blank spot where the number of open trails or lifts is just a form of coding negligence. A designer should find a way to communicate a ‘null’ state so that it’s meaningful in the context of the interface. IBM manuals used to have a disclaimer on otherwise empty pages to inform customers that the page wasn’t blank due to error.

TAFN. Thanks for reading.