Now you ski it, now you don’t

Cover is generally pretty thin, and temps are not reliably cold enough to keep the snow hard during the day. Osceola is actually recommending against skiing ‘unless you just gotta do it’. Trapp Family Lodge trails were open today but they predict closing them Friday to keep the snow from getting trashed.

The snow depth map is looking kind of nice though:

Snow depth northeast US 2019-1121

In terms of weather, there’s a chance of some snow in the Tug Hill region, Adirondacks, and northern New England on Friday evening. On Sunday, a storm will come from Pennsylvania and cross NY and New England on a northeasterly heading.

After hitting the 50s down here and the low 40s in the north country on Friday, daytime highs will go down to the low 30s in the north country for the weekend.

Retirees and people who can declare a no-work day Monday might have the better options than working stiffs. As usual, hit up the ‘State of the touring centers’ to get details on which places are open.

2 thoughts on “Now you ski it, now you don’t

  1. Deb Gale

    Up in the Lake Placid area, Van Hoevenberg and Cascade were open last weekend, and will reopen again this weekend. In the meantime, one can get a little business done on the trails around Marcy Dam
    Gives one hope!!!


    1. MtVanH is probably the best bet this weekend. Cascade’s conditions on Snocountry have shown zero trails open since I started checking, and I wondered if they’re just not ready or reporting. Thanks for the news about Marcy Dam- looks like the High Peaks got a good dusting.


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