A clean-up Tuesday

Feng + shui = mess

After some rain and nasty winds, the Ginzu is getting a workout at Minnewaska. Breezes continue through today. If it were tomorrow I’d say it was “Windsday”, like Winnie-the-Pooh:

Winnie the Pooh on a blustery day

Hit the ‘State of the touring centers’ link above for updated statuses. I’ve generally downgraded status of ski areas to ‘skiable’ even if all trails are open with decent grooming- the wind, windblown snow, and debris on the trails make for unfavorable conditions. Some places are opening trails gradually, as the clearing and grooming is slow going. In that case, they get ‘Minimally skiable’. Several areas are still doing cleanup and opening trails as they can, and are ‘TBD’. It’s worth checking the details on places in your range or contact them.

Back country or off-piste skiers won’t get a break from the debris and blowdown- but that’s what makes it interesting and adventurous, right? For what it’s worth, here’s the snow depth map:

Snow depth in northeast US, Feb. 26
Snow depth in northeast US, Feb. 26

Early weekend forecast

Wednesday some light snow comes in, with possible accumulation in Shawangunks and Hudson Highlands. The snow will be accompanied by warming temps which could turn snow to rain in most of the downstate region. Despite that, it seems like Thursday or Friday could be nice days to ski this week, as most touring centers will have cleared debris, and a bit of fresh snow will help bury the remainder.

Friday, daytime temps will be in the 30s everywhere except the mountains and far north. A new weather front will arrive from the southeast, bringing precipitation to the downstate NY area on Friday. Depending on when it arrives, the precip could be rain, snow, both or in between.

On Saturday, snow showers are expected, with accumulation possible. This could be a rain/snow mix in the downstate region, but keep your fingers crossed for Minnewaska and Mohonk (could Fahnestock get lucky too?). Cooler weather comes in on Sunday, bringing breezes with it. Sunday and Monday will feel a bit like winter.