Galoshes and crampons in NYC, VT beautiful as usual

Summary: (updated Friday Feb 9) New York winter- the classic snow/sleet/rain that freezes overnight. Fantastic. But there’s skiing within a 2-hour drive and conditions should be nice at least through Saturday, despite warming temps. Meanwhile, envy the Vermonters and Osceola, who got all the nice stuff from the sky. State of the touring centers Day … Continue reading Galoshes and crampons in NYC, VT beautiful as usual

Monday February 5: advance bets for the week


Although the metro NYC area is still lacking, there’s skiing in them hills! Prospect Mountain is the closest, followed by Brattleboro Outing Club. Everything north of that in NY and VT is open. Oscela, the usual champ in snowfall got beaten this weekend by Wild Wings which got 13″ of new snow.

Temps in the northeast will be falling through the week before turning upward again for Saturday and Sunday. A storm coming from the west could bring snowfall to the southern Adirondacks and southern VT on Wednesday. See the infographic at bottom of this post.

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What does the NYTimes have against cross-country skiing?


The Article

Every four years it’s the same thing- people notice that there’s a set of Nordic sports (cross-country skiing, Biathlon, Nordic combined, ski jumping) and the intense focus and discipline required. The result is the usual spate of pieces about how much work it is, how demanding cross-country skiing and biathlon are, and how watching them is the sporting equivalent of watching paint dry.

But this article: “What Cross-CountrySkiing Reveals About theHuman Condition” by Sam Anderson, put me over the edge.

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Wednesday January 31 ski conditions


Daytime temps will be above freezing throughout much of the Northeast on Thursday before dropping to the 20’s and even teens on Friday and Saturday. The groomers will have to make a granular surface out of the refrozen snow they have. There’s no major snowstorms in the forecast, but even a bit of white stuff can help refresh the base and make the skiing a bit more pleasant.

Osceola is looking to be in pretty good shape, while Lapland Lake, Garnet Hill, and Cascade in NY, and Grafton Trails, Okemo, and Wild Wings in VT are soldiering on with at least 10k open as of midweek.

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Friday January 19: ski conditions


Get your skiing in while you can! Variable amounts of snow in mid-Hudson and areas northwest of NYC mean some areas were able to re-open and others not. Warming temps make the weekend days precious for skiing, and the forecast for next week could go any which way (see infographic below). reworked their site so you can get a listing of all Cross-country ski areas in a given region on a single page. Much easier than before if you want to check specific areas across state lines. Snocountry Northeast cross-country ski area listing

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