Weekend of March 10 predictions


Given the forecast for significant snowfall (see the infographic below) across the area, it’s safe to start making some predictions for the weekend.

Unfortunately the utility companies seem to have been caught a bit flat-footed last weekend, and many in the downstate suburbs are still without power and may remain so till this coming weekend. To those who have been without power for five days, aside from my sympathies all I can say is: at least skiing would warm you up.

The below are based on best-guess and current info on websites.

Guesstimates for weekend of March 10

Day trip range*:

Fahnestock Winter Park, Carmel NY
1 hr 15′ drive (mid-Hudson region)
Opening will be contingent on having power restored (Con Ed, are you listening?)

High Point Cross Country Ski Center, Sussex NJ
1-1/2 hr drive (NW NJ)

Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz NY
2-1/2 hr drive (mid-Hudson region)
2/9/18 report
Open for day skiers

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Kerhonkson NY
2-1/2 hr drive (mid-Hudson area)
Groomed last Sunday

Mountain Trails Cross Country Ski Center, Tannersville NY
3 hr drive (Catskills)
Expect to be open this weekend

Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area, Petersburg NY
3 hr drive (Troy region)

Canterbury Farm Nordic Center, Becket MA
3 hr drive (western MA I-90 corridor)
Will open if they get predicted snowfall accumulation

Early start day trip, or a 36-hour getaway*:

Maple Corner Farm, Blandford MA
3+ hr hr drive (southwestern MA south of I-90 corridor)
Will open if they get predicted snowfall accumulation

Prospect Mountain, Woodford VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
Open (nb: they could get 18″ of snow on top of the existing base. Conditions will probably be awesome this weekend)

Notchview Reservation, Windsor MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, Rt 9 corridor)
[from their website] “looking fabulous”

Northfield Mountain Cross Country Ski Area, Northfield MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, northwestern MA)
Will open if they get predicted snowfall accumulation

Stump Sprouts Ski Touring and Guest Lodge, Charlemont MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, off Rt 2)
Lodge guests only

Brattleboro Outing Club, Brattleboro VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
3/7/18 report
Base 0 – 6″
28KM Open
4 KM groomed

Weston Ski Track, Weston MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Boston area)
Closed for skiing

If you can stay a night or two*:

Gore Mountain Nordic Center, Johnsburg NY
4 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
3/7/18 report
Most trails open

Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, Northville NY
4 hr drive (Albany region)
3/7/18 report
Base 12 – 24″
45 KM  open, classic skiing recommended

Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center, Grafton VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
3/7/18 report
Base 2″,
9 KM groomed

Timber Creek Cross Country Ski Center, West Dover VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
No report since 3/3/18

Viking Nordic Center, Londonderry VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
Closed Wednesdays, expect to be open

Garnet Hill Lodge XC Ski Center, North River NY
4-1/2 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
3/7/18 report
Base 1 – 5″
30 KM open and groomed
Hoping for more snow

Okemo Valley Nordic Center, Okemo VT
4-1/2 hr drive (central VT)
3/7/18 report
3 of 12 trails open
0 KM groomed

Wild Wings Ski Touring Center, Peru VT
4-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
3/7/18 report
Open (Crusty surface, forecast up to 20″ of snow today)

Cascade Cross Country Center, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
3/7/18 report
Base 5 – 6″ , loose granular
3 KM open and groomed

Olympic Sports Complex at Mt Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
3/7/18 report
Base 5″
50 KM groomed

Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center, NY
5 hr drive (northern NY)
3/7/18 report
Base 8″
2.5″ received last 24 hrs. 3 – 6″ forecast
40 KM classic
40 KM skating

Mountaintop Inn & Resort, Chittenden VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
3/7/18 report
Base 4 – 24″
5″ received last 24 hrs
12 KM open

Rikert Nordic Center, Ripton VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
3/7/18 report
25 KM Open
5 KM Groomed
(currently snowing lightly)

(* All drive time estimates based on leaving uptown Manhattan. Current conditions reports from snocountry.com, trailhub.org, ski area website reports, and some general detective work)

The infographic:

So this is what we’re in for- major snowfall across NY southern tier, western CT and MA. Forecasted accumulations taper off towards the Adirondacks and mid-central VT.

Snowfall forecast for March 7 2018, 7pm

The good news is that the max and min temperatures for the next few days will fluctuate above and below freezing, so rather than just melting continuously, the snow will refreeze and be groomable. Meaning that conditions for the weekend should be great for spring skiing.

Max temp forecast March 10 2018
Max temps for Saturday March 10
Minimum temp forecast March 10 2018
Min temps for Saturday March 10

March 3 weekend (update)

Friday night:

Fahnestock received 10 – 12” of snow! Yay- the bad news is there’s a lot of debris and the power is out at the park buildings. They may be able to open tomorrow afternoon.

High Point has received six inches of snow and will be open Saturday.

Mohonk ski trails are open

Mountain Trails received 24” and is open

Pineridge is assessing whether to open. Received rain and 12” new snow.

Prospect Mountain reports five+ inches of snow Friday, with more on the way.

Notchview received 7” compacted to 5. Will be open Saturday.

Stump Sprouts received 4” at last report, expects 8 – 10” total. Will assess grooming potential Saturday. Call ahead.

Osceola’s gotten four inches so far, on top of a solid base. Expecting a total of 6 – 10”

crocus buds emerging from snow
Skiing’s on!