And then there were.. just a few

It’s mud season again, and it’s about time to prep he skis for storage. The groomers are moving on to whatever job they do in spring. Here’s a couple of images off the inter webs to give a last look:

At Green Woodlands (see Facebook): “One last groom for spring skiing.We still have about a 2 foot base on most of the ski trails so we are going to groom on Friday night so we can get some spring skiing in. We did have to remove the s’mores and hot chocolate from the fire pits because the bears are awakening from hibernation and we don’t want to tempt them to roast any marshmallows.”
Early morning grooming on Jackson Ski Touring Prospect Farm trails (Jackson Ski Touring Foundation)

This post is about conditions for Ari 8, 2023, and forecast for the next few days. See jump links to Conditions and Forecast.


Surprising amount of cover in some spots, but it’s dwindling fast. And hungry bears are out there after hibernation.

Hit up ‘State of the touring centers‘ or in the menu above for reported conditions as of today. Snow depth graphic below:

Snow depth northeast US, Feb. 1, 2023 (NWS) , with ski centers marked


This weekend is the likely the last time the northeast will see night time temperatures below freezing. In the coming week, even the far north will be getting into the 70s. Spring has surely arrived.