Chin up as we head into March

It’s felt like winter again! Snowfall late last week followed by a cold Friday night set up a hard snowpack. A dusting of snow followed that and makes for some pretty good skiing, if potentially challenging in spots. The good conditions should hold up for another day or three, and then we hope for another refresh of snow for the coming weekend.

The closest places to ski for downstaters are Pine Ridge and Canterbury Farm, with Prospect Mountain or Notchview being alternative choices.

This post is about conditions for Feb. 26, 2023, and forecast for the upcoming week. See jump links to Conditions and Forecast.


Ski trails are among the beneficiaries of our transformed winter landscape. It’s about time, even it the goods have been spread out a bit sparingly. Hit up ‘State of the touring centers‘ or in the menu above for reported conditions as of today. Snow depth graphic below:

Snow depth northeast US, Feb. 26, 2023 (NWS) , with ski centers marked
Snow depth northeast US, Feb. 26, 2023 (NWS) , with ski centers marked


Precipitation will be changeable through the workweek, as three separate systems work their way through the region.. We’ll receive snow, rain, and snow/wintry mix according to the specifics of the storm, temperature, and time of day.

Snow or flurries in the far north Sunday evening. After a pause, snow and mixed precipitation spread across the region Monday evening and overnight into Tuesday morning. The precipitation will become more mixed during the day Tuesday and into the overnight period, There’s a chance upstate NY, VT, NH, and southern ME will pick up several inches of snow by Wednesday morning. The lower Hudson valley could even see a few inches by Tuesday.

Total snowfall forecast through Mar 1, 2023 (NWS)
Total snowfall forecast through Mar 1, 2023 (NWS)

With warmer temperatures on Wednesday, precipitation will become more rain than snow. The rain/snow mix may continue until Thursday evening before converting to a wintry mix or all snow for the northern areas. Rain, snow, and wintry mix will likely go on through Thursday and Friday before clearing on Saturday.

Daytime tempsSunday 2/26Monday 2/27Tuesday 2/28Wednesday 3/1Thursday 3/2Friday 3/3
Northern NY, VT, NH20s to low 30steens to 20s30s20s to low 40s20s to low 40steens to 30
NYC metro and coastal New Englandupper 30s to 40smid to upper 30supper 30s to mid 40s40smid 40s to upper 50slow 40s

What effect the midweek warmth and possible rain will have on the snowpack is anybody’s guess. Forecast for later in the week is uncertain as to amount and type of precipitation. Maybe we’ll get lucky. In the meantime, get to it if you can.

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