March 9 update + weekend weather watch

[Update Thursday March 10]: system #2 on Saturday expected to be intense, with strong winds and a fair amount of rain for NYC metro and southern New England as the low passes right over the downstate area. North to Albany and the MA-VT/NH border a mix of rain and possibly snow.

The jackpot zone for snow is the northern Adirondacks and northern New England, where a foot or more could accumulate. Forecast amounts still very variable, and the snow will be heavy and dense, not powder-like. Taking the wind into account, there could be some power outages and blowdown.

Cold front coming in on Saturday late will likely freeze some rain and wet snow solid, so take upstaters take care from Saturday afternoon into Sunday.

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Ski touring areas: don’t unhitch the grooming attachments yet. Depending on what the weather brings over the next week, there could be as many as three chances for a refresh of snow in some parts of the northeast.

Ski conditions could be on the soft and warm side except for Sunday, but that still sounds pretty good.


The possible rain for today (Wednesday) has turned out to be wet snow across a wider area. Portions of the upper Hudson Valley, western Massachusetts and southern Vermont could get 2-4″ of snow today. Further north, the Tug Hill will be seeing some light snow over the next day or so.


A significant weather system will develop on Saturday, as a moisture-laden low comes up from the south while cold air comes into the region from the northwest. Forecasts of precipitation amount and type still vary widely, but mountain areas in northern New York and New England should primarily receive snow. Despite temperatures that will be just above freezing, valleys in the northern areas could get wet snow. Periods of heavy snow could occur.

Temperatures for Sunday will get cooler. Downstate NY will be in the mid- to upper-30s, while the far north will be in the 20s. Gusty winds possible.

The early part of next week will warm up, with the downstate area getting to the low- to mid-50s, and northern areas in the mid-30s to mid-40s, to the 20s in mountain areas.


Late Monday or early Tuesday, another system may develop, bringing a mix of snow and wintry mix/rain. The lucky regions would again be the northern Adirondacks/Tug Hill and the Green or White Mountains.