Bits from the Devon Kershaw show

A few miscellaneous bits of results, impressions, and opinions that stuck with me from recent episodes of the podcast at FasterSkier.

Displaying imperfect technique makes success look attainable

Recap of the Women’s 30k at Zhangjiakou where US women finish in top eighteen (at 26′ into the podcast); Nat Herz on Jessie Diggins as worldwide media star (at 42′); and Sadie Maubet Bjornsen describes how landing on a podium without looking like a Marit Bjoergen makes ski racing look more human (at 45′).

In the absence of Norway and Russia, second-tier stars shine

Because the entire Norwegian sprint team tested positive for Covid, and Russian skiers were barred from competition due to the invasion of Ukraine, other skiers and nations got a chance to be in the spotlight. Richard Jouve (France) won the men’s sprint in Drammen, while Wang Qiang (China) took second. It’s the first time a skier from China made the podium in a World Cup cross-country ski competition.