Kicking off the 2021-22 season

This post contains section links to More info and Forecast, and Covid advice

Prospect Mountain (Nov. 29)


Pineridge is closest, but base looks a bit thin. Prospect Mountain has about 80% of their trails open on 9-12″ base. Mt. van Hoevenberg has 47k of trails, although competition trails may be closed. Notchview is not technically open, but they seem to be saying ‘caveat skier’ if you want to try the thin cover they have. Rikert has snow and will open formally on Dec. 4.

Warm spell and rain Thursday will be relieved by colder temperatures throughout the northeast, and possible snow for mountains and areas north of the MA-VT/NH border. As long as an area has some base by Friday, there’s a chance of some pretty decent skiing Saturday or Sunday.

State of the touring centersis now updated. Snow depth map:

Snow depth for northeast US, Dec. 1 2021 (NOAA)

More info

BETA report of 11/29 says that snow cover was unevenly distributed in the ‘sacks, with some areas getting enough to ski on, while others got scant accumulation.

PSA: it’s hunting season

Trails for cross-country skiing can be adjacent to land where hunting is permitted. Although you’re probably OK staying on groomed trails, it wouldn’t hurt to wear bright, unnatural colors on torso and/or head. Fluorescent orange is one well-known to hunters. The recommendation becomes more important if you go into backcountry or off-trail. In all cases, do everyone a favor and leave brown and camo in the closet.

TBH, there’s always a season for something. The periods to worry about are for other large mammals that traipse through the woods. Check state Dept. of Conservation or the equivalent for seasons. There are usually maps as well.


Literally mixed weather coming up for Thursday and Friday. Warming temps and moisture will likely result in snow showers tonight for higher elevations, changing over to rain on Thursday during the day. It could then shift back to snow into the Thursday-Friday overnight.

NWS says that a series of small fronts will move through the region during the weekend, bringing some possible precipitation. Dropping temps throughout will mean that northern and elevated areas could get some accumulation

Covid note

Few areas have opened, but there’s a certain lack of uniformity across the ones that have updated their Covid info. The areas clearly want people to come out. All would prefer that guests/visitors be vaccinated (if not explicitly mandated). Some have returned to outdoors-service for everything, while others permit eating indoors. All in all the safest way to think about it is like a replay of last year:

  • Prep your skis at home (don’t count on having a wax room).
  • Be prepared to use your vehicle as your lodge. Some areas have opened indoors space, others haven’t. If they allow indoors service, use your own judgement as to whether that’s wise.
  • Mask up wherever people gather, and indoors- even if vaccinated.

Most importantly, check both the destination state’s Department of Health and ski area websites for the latest on protocols before travel. The Omicron variant is almost certainly going to move the goal posts for mitigation.

Thanks for reading.