Beginning the final act

Opera finale
The last aria is always the most heartbreaking

Pineridge closed trails for skiing before the end of February; Mohonk shut it down last week. And on Monday evening Fahnestock called it:

The Winter Park has closed until we receive more snow.Due to the very warm weather forecast for the next few days and the thinning base particulary around the lodge we have decided to close the ski area.We still have a significant icy snow base in many areas and this may hold up to the warming temps.Fingers crossed for some March snow so we can reopen.Thank you to all our patrons for your support this year.

Fahnestock Winter Park post on MHVXCS group

Currently Minnewaska and High Point are still skiable, but at least at Minnewaska some bare spots are beginning to poke through. Given the expected weather this week, the cover is likely to get thin. If we’re lucky it will be skiable this weekend with a ‘bring your rock skis‘ advisory.

If you’re a Massachusetts resident, Notchview is still pretty good. Vermonters have their pick of places up and down the state. In NY the available skiing will move north to Lapland Lake or Garnet Hill, or to the west and the touring centers whose names begin with ‘Osceola’.

One thought on “Beginning the final act

  1. Deb

    Van Hoevenberg was “okay” yesterday but not much fun. I found myself picking up “Wind in the Willows” last evening, obviously in a subconscious attempt to remind myself how much fun we’ll have “messing about in boats” after we have to put the skis away. Always a bittersweet time of year. Thanks for the blog, and the community of people who are also wistfully watching the snow disappear!!


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