Hibernation season

No skiing

In the off-season, only the very occasional post gets published. Here’s one that caught my attention:

Intense and nice athletes

Most people who cross-country ski bike in summer, and I found this item in FasterSkier interesting. I knew the life of a soigneur in a pro bike racing team was pretty terrible, but didn’t realize the extent to which they were s**t on by the athletes. That just seems counterproductive, although I have heard it is the culture of bike racing.

That’s why it was good to see the author’s experience with the US ski team was something refreshing and a good deal cheerier:

Despite the fatigue, a respiratory infection that was eventually passed to all of the athletes, a couple of days with sideways blowing snow… the team just seemed to roll with the punches, make lemonade, and keep on keepin’ on.

‘A PT in Norway’ by Ned Dowling, FasterSkier April 13 2020

It’s nice to think that the elite athletes of your favorite sport don’t just roll it all downhill. Just one more reason for cross-country skiing to be my favorite sport.

Till the next interesting tidbit, or the fall, whichever comes first. Thanks for reading.

Sleeping bear