Getting ready for the last aria

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Opera finale

End of the season is looming. Warm temps and rain across much of the northeast. Cooler weather for the weekend, but not much chance of any snow. Prospect Mountain is still skiable, and Notchview may or may not make it through the week.

Meantime, north of Albany, there’s still very good conditions at touring centers and in the woods. Lots of end-of-season events this weekend, including the Lake Placid Loppet at Mt van Hoevenberg, NENSA High School championships at Gore Mtn, and the Mt Washington Backcountry Ski Festival.

For details on skiabiity conditions, hit up the link or nav menu item ‘State of the touring centers‘.

More info

I think Mohonk called their ski season March 3 when they opened their trails for hiking. Northfield called it on March 6. Based on the lack of updates in the past week (or longer), I’m retroactively marking 3/3 as the end of hope for Fahnestock, High Point, Minnewaska, Canterbury, Maple Farm, and Mountain Trails. We’re closing a bummer of a season for downstate.

BETA report of 3/9 indicates spring skiing during the week, and ‘hard and fast’ conditions in the backcountry on the weekend.

And because we can’t help but stare at the oncoming spring like a deer in the headlights, here’s the snow depth graphic for today:

Snow depth northeast US, 2020-0310
Snow depth northeast US, March 10, with ski touring centers marked

By comparison, the closest match of the 2018-19 season for snow cover and touring center ski conditions took place almost three weeks later:

Snow depth in Northeast US, March 29 2019
Snow depth in Northeast US, March 29 2019


See-sawing temperatures through the week, with moderate chances of rain tonight (Tuesday), and rain coming in late Thursday with rain very likely on Friday. Breezy on Friday with some very strong gusts (50+mph) at higher elevations, predominantly from the north.

North of Albany and the MA-VT/NH border: Wednesday daytime temps will range from the upper 20s to upper 40s; Thursday mid 30s to low 50s; Friday upper 30s to upper 50s. Except for overnight Thursday-Friday, low temperatures in the north will be below freezing.

Saturday will be dry, with early-spring season temperatures up north, ranging from mid 20s to low 40s. Winds will shift easterly, with very strong gusts in the early morning hours. Daytime winds 10-15mph, with strong gusts (40+mph) on mountains. Sunday temps will be about the same, with a slight chance of scattered snow and rain showers. Light southerly winds.

Monday will be a few degrees warmer, also with possible scattered snow or rain showers. Light winds from the north.