Feb. 22 weekend ski conditions + forecast

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The week past was terrific- for ski areas north of Albany and most of Vermont and New Hampshire. Up there, the weekend’s warming trend will take the chill off from the past couple of days and then some. Get ready to wax warmer and ski the early morning shift before conditions get too soft. Rain looks to move in by Tuesday, putting a damper on the skiing (couldn’t resist), so if you didn’t get out during the school break week, make your plans now.

Closest and best: Pineridge is skiable, and Notchview has very good conditions. Lapland Lake and Garnet Hill are having a terrific month. On the Vermont side, Prospect Mountain, Timber Creek, and Viking Nordic have good skiing.

BETA report from Wednesday (updated Thursday) gives good details on backcountry trails in the Adirondacks.

Below is the snow depth graphic as of today. As you can see, just over the snowline for this year, conditions are really quite excellent.

Snow depth northeast US, Feb. 21, with touring centers indicated
Snow depth northeast US, Feb. 21

Hit the link or nav menu item ‘State of the touring centers‘ for details.


The Stowe Derby is Sunday Feb. 23. I’ve heard this one is about as wacky as it gets in the East.


Weather will stay dry and sunny all the way through the weekend. On Saturday the daytime temps north of the snowline for this season (north of Albany and the MA-VT/NH border) will range from the mid-20s to mid-30s. There could be some gusty winds across northern NY state and VT. Sunday the daytime temps will edge up to range from the low 30s to mid-40s.

On Monday the warming trend keeps going- mid-30s to high-40s above the Albany-MA borderline. Tuesday and Wednesday temperatures will be much the same.

By Tuesday next week a low comes up from the southwest and may hover over southern Vermont. We’ll be seeing a good chance of rain throughout the entire northeastern US, and that weather system looks like it’ll stick around even into Thursday, when temperatures up north start to fall again to a range of mid-20s to upper-30s.

This isn’t a very nice-sounding forecast, unless you’re so disappointed by this winter you’re getting into a schadenfreude mood. But that’s no way to be, even if it would take a month-long polar vortex to rescue any hope for a good snowy winter in the Hudson valley. Thanks for reading.