Feb. 14 ski conditions

This post contains sections and links to Summary, and Forecast


Viking Nordic trails, morning of Feb. 14 (via Viking Nordic ski center)

If you go just a wee bit further than standard daytrip distance, you can find some pretty nice skiing, including Pineridge. FYI, rooms available at Canterbury Lodge and Stump Sprouts.

Much of the region just north of Albany and the MA-VT/NH border, including southern Adirondacks and Green Mountains, received substantial amounts of snow during the past week. About 1-1/2′ of new snow fell in the last seven days, making for excellent conditions at Lapland Lake, Garnet Hill, Grafton trails, and Wild Wings.

Backcountry is a bit dicier. BETA report from Thursday: “Thanks to last Friday’s 12-18″ of snow, we definitely have good cover everywhere.  Unfortunately, three days of above freezing temperatures have put a crust on the unbroken areas, and a glaze on those sections that have been broken out.”

Hit the link or nav menu item ‘State of the touring centers‘ or find it in the nav menu. Today I’m switching up the snow depth views to feature the daytrip distance and what I call the ‘500-mile’ view. First the daytrip distance:

Snow depth and ski areas within daytrip or early start daytrip distance, Feb. 14
Snow depth and ski areas within daytrip or early start daytrip distance, Feb. 14

It looks like Minnewaska, Mohonk, and Winding Trails could be skiable, but there’s no report yet of anyone actually doing so. Next, the 500-mile view:

500-mile view of northeast US snow depth, Feb. 14
500-mile view of northeast US snow depth, Feb. 14

If you were in the mood for a road trip during the school break, looks like the Laurentians and Gatineau park in Canada would be really nice too.


Warmer days (mid-20s to upper 30s in the north; upper 30s to upper 40s in the south ) will alternate with colder ones (single-digits to teens in the north and mountain regions; 20s to 30s in the tristate and southern New England area) from Sunday thru Thursday .

From Monday late night till end of Wednesday, the northeast will have some light to moderate rain in the southern half, and alternating snow-rain-snow in the northern half. Some lucky ducks of the north will get a slight refresh of snow cover while others get a glaze.

Thanks for reading.

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