Feb. 10 conditions + forecast

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Mohonk trails are open for skiing, with 4″ of wet snow; no grooming. Someone took a short ski at Minnewaska and reported in the MHVXCS group: “About 4 inches of wet snow and 37 degrees. The old fish scale skis were still gliding ok with the the liquid glide wax I put on. A few lumps here and there and a few scrapings to the gravel.”

Red can wax for folks in the north, and rock skis for the downstaters.


Good to very good skiing conditions almost anywhere north of Albany and the MA-VT/NH border. Far northern mountain regions are getting snow today. Variously mixed precipitation during the week including snow showers. Daytime temps in the north will flirt above and below freezing depending on locale, making waxing problematic but skating should be pretty good by midweek.

It’s turning into a pretty good season for anyone living north of a line extending from Albany NY to Lake Winnipesaukee NH. Hit the link or nav menu item ‘State of the touring centers‘ or find it in the nav menu.

It’s hard to resist crying all over the wax box when you read things like: ‘skiers need to expect snow in the tracks’.

The snow keeps coming. Accumulations in the 6+” range are making it not suitable for skate skiing beyond the Wentworth Resort Loop; and classic skiers need to expect snow in the tracks

Jackson Ski Touring Foundation conditions Feb. 10

And then there’s this BETA report from 2/10:

Monday through Thursday will see high temperatures above freezing with some light precipitation of various kinds. No significant accumulation or melting expected. Friday will be very cold with highs only in the low single digits, but Saturday warms to near 20 and then again above freezing on Sunday. So the upcoming weekend and the beginning of President’s week will see by far the best skiing of the season.

BETA trails report Feb. 10


Moderate and warmish daytime temps throughout the workweek, with even the far north and mountain areas close to or above freezing. Downstate and mid-Hudson will see highs from 40 to the low 50s. Nighttime temps below freezing from the Catskills north.

Clouds and light precipitation will stay as long as the warm temperatures do, dropping some snow, but mostly rain until Thursday when a cold front briefly moves in. Exactly how much snow will result from this mixing of warm moist air and a passing stream of cold air is uncertain, but the heaviest accumulation will likely be in northern New England.

The cold on Friday will move us into the freezer as max temps in the north will be below zero F in spots. Downstate will be in the upper 20s. In places where it doesn’t snow, skies will be clear for the day.

On the weekend, clouds and warmer temperatures return. Saturday temps will be much warmer than Friday, in the teens to 20s in the north and mountain areas, and 20s to 30s in downstate NY and southern New England. Sunday will be warmer still, 30-40 in the far north, mid-30s to mid-40s downstate NY, MA and CT. There could be some snow/rain showers.