Boxing day ski conditions

Summary: slight attrition from above-freezing temps continue. Good skiing still out there, but getting a bit far for day trips.

Just like last year, Notchview is getting the tenacity award for maintaining skiable trail; Prospect Mountain is still the lucky dog of snow retention; Timber Creek is hanging in there; Lapland Lake and Garnet Hill are working hard for the holidays.

Although there’s a chance that the north country beyond the mid-Hudson could get some snow before New Year’s, can you imagine a trail made by a hungover pisten bully driver? My advice: carpe that diem. As usual, hit the link for ‘State of the touring centers’. Snow depth graphic appears below the social media embeds.

Prospect Mountain, Dec. 24 2019 (via Instagram)

On Christmas Eve, Prospect Mountain trail conditions and weather looked great, and it’s pretty much the same today. And yesterday at Lapland Lake, a couple of Santa’s elves or maybe the family of the Cat in the Hat paid a visit:

Lapland Lake, Dec. 25 2019 (via Facebook)

The usual snow depth graphic shows what you’d expect. What’s up next? Check out the forecast below.

Forecast: rain arrives across our region Friday daytime. More northerly areas of the northeast could see a mix of ice and snow as well. Saturday will be clear before a more concerted front arrives Sunday afternoon.

From Sunday evening thru Tuesday evening the northeast will have patchy rain, ice, and snow. Because daytime temperatures will be in the 30s to 40s, the type of precipitation will vary by time of day, elevation, and other variables. By way of example, here’s the graphic forecast for Monday morning:

Northeast US weather forecast for 2019-1230 at 7am

Ah well. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.