Ski conditions and forecast 12/24

Summary: Snow cover deteriorated due to warming temps on Monday, so trails in some areas are no longer open for skiing. We are gradually going to lose additional trails as the week goes on, and any refreezing at night is only making the woods icier. Carpe diem.

Grooming heroes: Notchview, Prospect Mountain, Brattleboro Outing Club. Timber Creek, and Lapland Lake. If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the trails.

‘State of the touring centers’ is updated, so hit the link to see details on who’s left standing. Why do I bother on Christmas Eve? Because data.

Here’s the standard snow depth map graphic:

Snow depth in northeast US 2019-1224, with ski centers

Forecast: Warm temps continue through the upcoming weekend all across the northeast. There could be some snow showers Thursday evening into early Friday, which will probably turn over to rain during Friday daytime.

Another weather front will come in late Saturday, potentially bringing precipitation that cycles through snow to ice to rain and back throughout Sunday and Monday. If we’re lucky, the higher mountain areas will see mostly snow, but we’re not likely to be lucky in the NYC area and river valleys of the region.