The curve

The ski areas that are able to mount an effort to groom for the holiday week have done so. ‘State of the touring centers’ is updated and I’m grading just a wee bit on the curve because some of the kilometers reported as open have thin cover.

The thin cover is reflected in the spottiness of open trail systems and the snow depth map. But it’s better than in some years at this time, and there’s enough to get skiing done as long as you’re wise in trail and technique.

Snow depth in northeast US 2019-1221, with ski touring centers

Forecast: The trend for daytime temperatures in the northeast is upward and will plateau in the low- to upper-40s on Monday, except for higher elevations. There’s very little chance of any precipitation until the overnight of Thursday 12/26-Friday, when there might be some rain in the NYC and lower Hudson valley, with snow further north.

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