Short snow report

Because the weather front hasn’t finished with us, I’m not updating in full and ‘State of the touring centers’ is not updated.

There is good, albeit brief, good news: a few places got just enough to open today and others will be open tomorrow. The list of places with skiable trail includes: Notchview (2″ and still snowing); Prospect Mountain (1-3″ new snow); Lapland Lake (2-4″ new snow, 12k open); Osceola (1-3″ new snow today, more expected Wednesday); Trapp Family Lodge (1-3″ new snow). Craftsbury has gotten a trace of new snow, and in combination with manmade has opened 19k of trail– but there’s bare spots in them woods.

Who didn’t get any joy? High Point, Fahnestock, Minnewaska, Mohonk. Outside of Notchview, western Mass won’t have XC skiing tomorrow, although Canterbury could open Wednesday as well. Doesn’t look like Lake Placid got much (yet), nor the Mount Washington Valley. Bretton Woods got 2″ of snow but decided it wasn’t good enough to open yet. They’re expecting more Wednesday so there’s hope for later in the week.

The forecast indicates some additional snowfall tomorrow in central and northern NY State, plus VT, NH, and Maine.

I’m expecting to do a full update Thursday. Hoping for better news at that time.