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Ski outings and trips

AMC NY/NJ chapter has a number of outings listed on the calendar at (select the NY/North Jersey Group/chapter, then select Cross-Country Skiing as the Activity). If you haven’t signed up or joined, I recommend doing so.

Anyone wanting to prowl for more impromptu outings should check out the NY/NJ chapter’s active Google Group list. Links to this and other clubs or email lists are on the Groups, clubs, meetups page

Some recent items of note from the AMC-Ski NY/NJ Google Group for newbies and New Yorkers:

For beginners: XC Ski Tour @ Mohonk Preserve – Tuesday, January 7. 2020. If you’re interested I suggest joining the Google group. Look for the post on Dec. 11 for details and reach out to the tour leader. (Out of respect for their privacy, I’m not reposting contact info)

For novices-intermediates: watch the AMC-ski Google group for posts about group ski outings at Minnewaska. I’m told there’s an Adirondack Trailways bus to New Paltz, leaving the Port Authority (8th Av. & 40th St.) at 8:30 AM. Getting from New Paltz to Minnewaska will either be via taxi or ride sharing worked out amongst participants. There’s a post on the group list from Nov. 26 regarding ride sharing etiquette for the chapter’s outings.

The forecast

Warmer temperatures will bring moisture from a southwesterly direction for the end of the week, and that means some rain. Unfortunately rain showers will probably be pretty widespread across the northeast by Saturday.

On Sunday temperatures will start moving back to a seasonable range as cooler weather from the west moves in. The far north country could see some of the remaining precipitation fall as snow. The next chance of snow showers across the northeast begins on Monday evening and lasts through Wednesday, but south of the Catskills it’s more likely to alternate with rain, or just rain.


Prospect Mountain, Wednesday Dec. 11

Never underestimate the effect of a change in altitude. Places that were just a little bit higher received a dusting (or more) of fresh snow, giving them just enough reason to stay open. At Prospect Mountain, “1 to 2 new inches of snow saved us from a early winter meltdown”

Minnewaska Upper Awosting trail, Wednesday Dec. 11

At Minnewaska, SNSA had an outing yesterday, and the trails were pretty good, but with some lumps and thin spots.

Hit the link to ‘State of the touring centers’ to see the good news- more places than you might think have trails open. Due to the forecast, I advise going ASAP or early Saturday.

Here’s the daytrip distance view map of snow depth:

Snow depth and ski touring centers in daytrip distance, Dec. 12
Snow depth and ski touring centers in daytrip distance, Dec. 12

And the standard view:

Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 12
Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 12

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