Minnewaska parking lot construction

There are constraints on parking up at the lake, which is the usual startoff point for skiing:

Skiers should be advised that the only open parking area in the Lake Minnewaska area, presently, is the new parking area across from the maintenance garage. Access across the Wildmere field is blocked due to construction, so skiers will need to walk up the road and through the old Wildmere Parking lot to get to the the West side of Lake Minnewaska. Or, skiers will need to ski around the south end of Lake Minnewaska, first, to get to the trails on the West side of the lake.

From antelope4455 (Minnewaska State Park)

For those who don’t know that Minnewaska used to have a large hotel up at the top of the drive overlooking the lake, this might need some explanation. Below is a graphic of what I interpret the park staffer is saying, using a really old map that shows where the hotel used to be:

Minnewaska state park parking construction at the old hotel location

The original parking lot at the very top of the drive, and the open field that served as a spot for skiers to get into their skis, are closed off. The parking lot just down the drive is currently the only parking up there, and that probably means less capacity overall.

Most people going skiing head for the Lower Awosting or Upper Awosting trails on the west side of the lake, so they’ll now walk up the road and past the construction site to access the trailhead. Unfortunately, the flatter open area at the top is not accessible for use as a practice area.