Let’s try again in December

missed it by that much-giphy

The storm that came through yesterday skirted just a bit further north than expected, and didn’t leave much snow within the reachable area of downstaters. So areas I’m tracking didn’t get a refresh. Northern regions also have black ice on the roads this morning.

Surprise exception to snow cover is Great Glen Trails, which must have been hoarding the white stuff for T-day to pull a big opening. They’re featuring 45k of trails, with 18k tracked and skate groomed!

For everyone else there’s always next month, as in two days from now. A storm is expected to arrive sometime Sunday. By Monday we expect snow to the north, and wintry mix in the southern regions. Temps will stay cold in the north country through midweek.

A few places are starting to get hopeful and post a desire to open, including High Point and Notchview.

‘State of the touring centers’ is updated for the latest. Hit up the link in the menubar.