Feb 23-24 conditions

Wow. Antelope4455 reports for Minnewaska on 2/22: “Groomers have been at it since 5 am… They are pleased with the results, telling me that the inch of additional sleet and snow helped pad the meager base they had been working with all week. Castle point will still have the thinnest base, but is now groomable. They think upper awosting has come out the best and unfortunately due to some hikers that snuck in yesterday, the Lake Minnewaska Trail got pretty beat up, so it is in the worst shape. Millbrook and Hamilton are still good. The base ranges from 3 to 5 in. We hope to groom through the weekend.”

That’s an awesome quality of work with a challenging ‘snow’ base.

This weekend you want to do your skiing on Saturday, because the forecast for Sunday isn’t promising. For the usual snow depth map, see below. The ‘State of the touring centers’ link is updated for Feb 22.

Snow depth northeast US Feb. 22
Snow depth northeast US Feb. 22

What mother nature giveth, she taketh away: the forecast for Sunday is warm and rainy:

Today’s moment of bliss comes from Crystal Lake in PA, via Instagram:

Just to leave on a brighter note, we could get a light snowfall on Wednesday next week:

Weather forecast for northeast US Feb. 27 7am EST
Weather forecast for northeast US Feb. 27

Happy trails.