Great winter just a few hours away

The rain hurt some touring centers, but many recovered by aggressive grooming over the past day or so. Further north, many places actually got a few inches of fresh snow on the trails, and conditions are now excellent.

The photo of the day comes from Grafton Trails and Outdoor Center in Grafton Vermont:

Grafton Trails outdoor event
A beautiful winter day to host the annual BCBS Snow Days event!

A ‘clipper’ is bringing some snow to the northern tier and northern New England mid-week. It’s doubtful that we’ll see much down here in the NYC area.

The forecast is for daytime temperatures for the downstate region to seesaw till Thursday, when we drop to the 20s for a few days.

Snow depth in northeast US, January 26
Snow depth January 26 2019

As usual, Prospect Mountain is a safe bet, and Notchview managed to save some trails to keep skiing alive in Massachusetts. Hit up the ‘State of the touring centers’ link above for a zoomable map with clickable icons.