Missed it by that much…

missed it by that much-giphy

The closest options to NYC didn’t quite get enough snow, but within a two-hour trip Mohonk and High Point are open or will open on MLK day. Minnewaska is a bit of a coin toss and the park person who answered the phone said call back tomorrow.

With that, right to the way things are today!

The snow depth image is below, showing that the storm didn’t quite deliver the massive amounts across the region that were expected/feared, but some isolated areas did get over a foot of new snow.

As usual, hit up the ‘State of the touring centers’ link above to get a zoomable map with clickable icons for details. This time the details could be relevant because some of the areas that are still listed as ‘No skiing’ plan to open in the next day or so.

And with the recent snow/ice, and cold temps expected, be careful driving.

Snow depth January 20 2019 across northeast US
Snow depth January 20 2019