Who took the snow?

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Warm weather on Monday took much of the cover (see snow depth graphic below). BETA report of 12/6 is titled ‘Hope you skied this past weekend’, which I guess says it all.

Although there could be some snow coming Thursday, warm weather and rain comes back for the weekend.


What snow remains is icy due to the melt-off. Minimal groomed trail skiing at Craftsbury and Rikert, and a competition trail is open at Mt. van Hoevenberg with the advisory that it’s for experts only. Got a feeling they really mean it.

Here’s the bad news:

Snow depth northeast US, Dec. 8 2021 (NWS) , with ski centers marked


Mild winter weather through Thursday, but by Friday temps across most of the northeast US pop above freezing. Enjoy looking at some snowfall midweek, because that’s going to change to rain for the weekend.

Saturday temps could hit the 50s in Burlington VT, and rain is very likely across the northeast. Could be a death blow to skiing for next week, but let’s hope not.

Things will dry out after Saturday. For Sunday and early next week daytime temps will go back down a bit, but not below freezing for most parts.