Last licks 4/5

As of today (Monday) Mt van Hoevenberg is hanging tough with their 5k’s of the New Competition, Bobcat, and Mini loops. They say ‘Ski it while you can’ and advise “frozen granular base groomed this morning”, and “Spring Conditions will likely return this afternoon.”

Barkeater Trails Alliance’s final message for the season:

And unless something dramatic changes, this will be the last report of the season.  It all seemed to end too quickly, but at least we can remember those solid weeks of perfect powder conditions earlier in the winter.  

Barkeater Trails Alliance ski conditions 4/1/21

The graphic below shows the scant snow depth, and the logical tendency for touring centers to cluster at or near where natural geography and local climate favors a better snowpack

Snow depth northeast U.S., Apr. 5 2021, with ski touring centers marked
Snow depth northeast U.S., Apr. 5 2021 (NOAA) with ski touring centers marked

2 thoughts on “Last licks 4/5

  1. Deb Gale

    I was up there on Thursday, and it wasn’t worth the hour drive for the skiing.
    Time is better spent checking the kayaking gear!!


    1. Even by the last week of March things were getting thin- but wish I lived within an hour of LP. Prep skis for storage and move on to spring.


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