March 3 ski conditions + weekend outlook

Is this what skiers do without snow? (Photo by Mark Abramson via NYTimes)

This winter was one of the top 10 warmest for many places across the country, including New York.

New York City Had Among Least Snowy Winters on Record‘, by Anne Barnard

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The consultant’s magic eight-ball answer on where to ski midweek is: ‘it depends’. Conditions get better the farther north and higher the elevation, but warm temps and chance of rain showers the today won’t improve the snowpack. Cooling temps toward the end of the week will mean some iciness to be groomed out, and may also come with mixed snow/rain showers. When to ski? Roll the dice or ask again later.

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Universal klister

Either way, north of the snowline it’s klister time! BETA report of 3/2 states: “weather this week will be less than ideal with temperatures in the 40s”. And the writing’s on the wall if you’re more than an 30 minutes south of the snowline- Mohonk and Northfield Mountain have opened their trails for hiking.

State of the touring centers‘ is updated. Here’s the snow depth map:

Snow depth northeast US 2020-0303 with ski centers marked
Snow depth northeast US, March 3


Weekday temperatures will reach a high today (Tuesday) of about 60 in the NYC metro area, and 30s to 40s north of the snowline. Moderate chance of precipitation throughout the northeast, with a higher probability in the north country. This will be rain. Light winds predominantly from the west for the next couple of days, with some extra breeziness on Wednesday.

Starting Wednesday, daytime temps will be on a downward trend. Possible light snow showers in the Tug Hill plateau, High Peaks of the ‘dacks, and higher elevations of far northern New England on Wednesday. However, nighttime temps won’t drop below freezing until overnight Wednesday-Thursday.

Friday expect highs in the 20s to low 40s north of the Albany/MA border latitude, and on Saturday teens to mid 30s. In the downstate and southern New England areas, Friday-Saturday will range from the low 30s to mid 40s.

A front will move in across Pennsylvania on Thursday, bringing some precipitation for the entire region Friday through early Saturday. Unfortunately, it will likely be a mix of snow and rain showers. Winds will shift southerly on Friday, with some strong breezes on Saturday.

Sunday daytime high north of snowline will range from the freezing to the mid 40s, and mid 40s to 50 south of the snowline to the NYC metro area. At least it will be sunny and dry.

Monday daytime temps will be about 7-10˚F warmer than Sunday, with scattered rain and some snow showers.