Conditions on the last day of 2019

Summary: Get some skiing in before rain arrives Friday. Glide wax for warm slow conditions, as it’s a dense, moisture-laden snow/sleet surface. Caution advised on hills as the new snow may obscure an icy base.

Details and forecast

As expected, the storm made for varying amounts of every type of precipitation. Stump Sprouts got some rain that converted to sleet (not as good as snow, but better than rain). They’re still not open, but getting closer. Notchview is open at noon today- they got some sleet as well, plus wind that resulted in debris on the trails.

Prospect Mountain is open, but got very little accumulation so far- about an inch of sleet and snow. Significant cleaning up from ice storm. Lapland Lake is opening trails as they clean and groom.

Low-lying areas got rain. Brattleboro outing club has closed no trails for skiing. They will groom tomorrow and hope to be open Thursday. Weston has 1k of manmade loop open, but the rain washed out all scheduled activities.

Further north, the Adirondacks didn’t get much love, but Craftsbury did great, and the Mount Washington Valley made out like bandits- Bear Notch is open for the first time this season, and Jackson Ski Touring has 31k open.

Forecast: The storm has not left the north country yet, so additional accumulation is expected in some areas. Warmish temps continue through Saturday, with some rain expected Friday. Get it while it’s there.

I almost didn’t update ‘State of the touring centers’ but the outcome of the storm varied so much by specific location I did it anyway. Hit the link in the menu for the details. And because it’s really no big deal, I did the snow depth map too.

Snow depth northeast US 2019-1231, with ski touring centers

Thanks for reading; see you in the New Year!