Thanksgiving tracks

Many of the touring centers are ‘scratching by’ with what cover is left. Warm temps have done a number on the snow cover. Rain expected in many parts Wednesday, so some are closing proactively to preserve what remains.

But better news ahead! Temps will cool down across the northeast on Thursday as a cold front comes in from Canada, bringing some snow on Thanksgiving to northern NY and New England. There could be real accumulation in the northern halves of these states.

Weather forecast northeast US 2019-1128
Wunderground weather forecast for northeast US on November 28

Better yet, a second front from the southwest could move in Saturday, potentially bringing snow to both northern and southern regions Saturday and into Sunday. It’s possible the lower Hudson valley will see some light snow or wintry mix for December 1 and 2.

Weather forecast northeast US 2019-1202
Wunderground weather forecast for northeast US on December 2

The current ‘State of the touring centers’ isn’t an encouraging sight, but it’s updated. Snow depth map below. This weekend, if you can find your way up to the ‘dacks, Greens, or Whites, it’s only looking to get better.

Snow depth northeast US 2019-1126