First snow this week?

[Update Nov. 12]: Well what do you know- Osceola got enough snow to open up, but because it’s new snow on bare ground, rock skis are recommended. The clock on the season has officially started!

Trapp Family Lodge got about 6″ but they’re only allowing snowshoeing. Craftsbury’s season will start on Nov. 15. I guess it’s time for me to start tracking the weather and trails, so I’ve updated the conditions map (click ‘State of the touring centers’ above).

Word is that High Point is going to try out snowmaking, which would make it a viable option for us downstaters in a marginal snow year. More news as it comes. And because of that, I’m adding a new column of data to indicate whether an area has snow farming and/or snow making.

As to the majority of touring centers that rely on what Mother Nature puts down, a winter storm is approaching the region. Accumulation and whether it stays is the question. So far it looks like the Tug Hill region will get the greatest amount of snow, but it’s likely to be patchy across the rest of the state and New England. Daytime temps will be keeping the ground cool through to Sunday, and nighttime will be down into the teens.

NWS snowfall forecast for 2019-1112
Snowfall forecast for Tuesday Nov. 12 2019

Here’s the current snow depth map:

Snow depth in Northeast US 2019-1112
Current snow depth on Nov. 12

Will the snowfall result in coverage that lasts longer than the rush hour? Maybe there’s a little birdie that knows the answer:

titmouse on a snowy branch
Maybe the little blue titmouse knows