It’s a perfect time…

… to start thinking about skiing before the temps drop and the snow flies.

Fall is a great time to change up exercise routines and get ready for skiing. A number of us will have spent the summer doing things like biking, hiking, running, and so on. Now is a good time to add/substitute any of the following: balance, coordination, strength, and explosiveness.

I’m sure you’ve had your skis stored in a cool environment and with a coat of wax. No? Well then it’s time to order that base wax and heat up the waxing iron to do some cleanup and prep work. Snow waits for no one.

Maybe you have an old pair of skis in the closet and wonder if the new skin skis are worth trying. Or you think about skiing, but never do anything about it. Or maybe you thought the piece by Sam Anderson that appeared in the New York Times prior to the 2018 Olympics made you give up on skiing, which was probably his intent.

There’s so much more to cross-country skiing. Awareness of our environment and climate. Losing yourself to intense focus on an activity. The importance of being willing to have your technique fail sometimes and keep trying, because the moments you feel in sync with the snow and the day are worth it.

Let’s talk about why, how, and what to do about that and more. Anyone interested can register for my event at REI Yonkers on Nov. 18, ‘The Good Winter: Cross-country skiing’. I’ll be happy to see you!

Winter mountainside and evergreens