It’s a wrap

April 5 update

Had to check one more time- Notchview gave it up last weekend, while Mt. van Hoevenberg came back and updated on 4/3 with minimally skiable conditions. One way or another, this is MvH’s last weekend though. Garnet Hill still had 6k as of Thursday, so it looks like this will be their last weekend as well assuming they even bother. Call ahead.

Great Glen is open and says the trails were groomed but didn’t post an actual grooming report. Bear Notch, Jackson XC, Waterville Valley, Trapp, and Craftsbury are still skiable.

And the great fallback for every cross-country skier in the NYC combined statistical area of 24m people, Prospect Mountain, is going to make it through the weekend with granular snow and a 6-9″ base.

So one last time, you can hit the ‘State of the touring centers’ to see how things are in detail, and get your last look at snow cover in map form here:

Snow depth in Northeast US, Apr 5


[as of April 1st]: Notchview hung on at least through Saturday, while Viking called Sunday their last day. Lapland Lake, Wild Wings, Rikert, Mountaintop, and Bretton Woods all squeaked their way into April, each marking the 1st of the month as their last day of the season. I suspect Cascade and Mt. van Hoevenberg have called it a season as well.

[4/2 update]: Mt. van Hoevenberg will be open Wed-Sun, conditions permitting.

Hanging on

Garnet Hill is still open as of Monday, and Gore Mountain’s XC trails will open for one last weekend.

Olaf the snowman happy and anxious

The usual suspects are doing OK- for now

As predicted, the low that brought rain to the tri-state and Hudson valley turned over to snow for some in the north country. Prospect Mountain got 3″ of new snow, and Osceola 5″, resulting in something like mid-winter conditions today. More predictably, Trapp Family Lodge, Great Glen, Bear Notch, and Craftsbury are still going, and Jackson NH is keeping trails open without grooming.

But nobody’s expecting to have much of anything skiable by April 15, so this week is pretty much it.

One for my baby

Opera finale
Curtain call for the season

…and one more for the road!

Take one last look at the ‘State of the touring centers’ link above until next fall, and see below for my last snow depth map of the 2018-2019 season.

Don’t forget to prep the skis for storage, and change over the utility area for bike season!

Snow depth in Northeast US Apr 1
Snow depth in Northeast US Apr 1

Stay tuned

There’s still a couple more posts I’m working on to sum up this season of Across the Snow Line. Plus, there might be a random thought or two filed under ‘Commentariat’ during the off-season.