Spring skiing begins

It’s out there-

Especially earlier in the week. Minnewaska, Mohonk, and Pine Ridge are still skiable, and areas in western MA (e.g.: Notchview, Canterbury) are actually offering decent trails.

Some really nice spring skiing is to be had at Prospect Mountain and Lapland Lake. These two have enough base to survive the damp Friday in the forecast, and could be nice for Sunday or Monday after regrooming.

‘State of the touring centers’ is updated, with some TBDs because it looks like a few centers are getting a bit tardy in updating their status. Click a dot to get the details. Snow depth map is below:

Snow depth in Northeast US Mar 11
Snow depth in Northeast US Mar 11

Early forecast for the weekend

Daytime temps- slight dip on Tuesday to the low forties downstate, then up into the 40s and even near 60 for much of the Northeast, until temps reverse direction by Sunday, bringing the north country below freezing. Downstate we’ll see temps go to low- to mid- 40s, so no joy for us.

Precipitation- On Tuesday some Rain/snow in the Tug Hill plateau, Adirondacks, and extreme northern VT and NH. A low comes in from the west starting Thursday night and blankets the entire Northeast on Friday, departing over the weekend. None shall be spared rain and wintry mix at the end of the week. But in the north country it may change over to wintry mix/snow during Saturday as temperatures there begin to drop well below the freezing point.

The changeover will create icy crust on everything, so backcountry and off-piste will be sketchy, while touring centers will need some time to regroom.