March 3 weekend (update)

Friday night:

Fahnestock received 10 – 12” of snow! Yay- the bad news is there’s a lot of debris and the power is out at the park buildings. They may be able to open tomorrow afternoon.

High Point has received six inches of snow and will be open Saturday.

Mohonk ski trails are open

Mountain Trails received 24” and is open

Pineridge is assessing whether to open. Received rain and 12” new snow.

Prospect Mountain reports five+ inches of snow Friday, with more on the way.

Notchview received 7” compacted to 5. Will be open Saturday.

Stump Sprouts received 4” at last report, expects 8 – 10” total. Will assess grooming potential Saturday. Call ahead.

Osceola’s gotten four inches so far, on top of a solid base. Expecting a total of 6 – 10”

crocus buds emerging from snow
Skiing’s on!