Feb. 24 weekend ski conditions

Wednesday outlook:

The big melt is on with temps in the 50’s and 60’s all the way to upstate NY and VT. Hope rides on fumes again for Thursday and Friday, as somewhat colder temps return along with a possible snow squall. See infographic below.

Prospect Mountain, Timber Creek, Garnet Hill, Wild Wings are closed. Grafton Trails is open, Lapland Lake still has 20k groomed, Gore Mountain, Viking Nordic, Okemo, Cascade, Mt. van Hoevenberg, Osceola are open. Conditions are wet granular

State of the touring centers

Day trip range*:

palapa on barren beach
Sorry, keep driving

Early start day trip, or a 36-hour getaway*:

Maple Corner Farm, Blandford MA
3+ hr hr drive (southwestern MA I-90 corridor)
2/19/18 report

Prospect Mountain, Woodford VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/21/18 report
Base 1 – 3″

Notchview Reservation, Windsor MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, Rt 9 corridor)
2/20/18 report
Closed for skiing

Northfield Mountain Cross Country Ski Area, Northfield MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, northwestern MA)
2/21/18 report

Stump Sprouts Ski Touring and Guest Lodge, Charlemont MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, off Rt 2)
2/18/18 report
Open (but no update since Sunday)

Brattleboro Outing Club, Brattleboro VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/21/18 report
Base 0 – 6″
17KM Open
3 KM groomed

Weston Ski Track, Weston MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Boston area)
2/21/18 report
1.5 KM open

If you can stay a night or two*:

Gore Mountain Nordic Center, Johnsburg NY
4 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
2/21/18 report
Base 12 – 20″
Wet snow

Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, Northville NY
4 hr drive (Albany region)
2/21/18 report
Base 10 – 18″
20 KM  Classic
20 KM  Skating

Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center, Grafton VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/2118 report
Base 5″, wet packed
11 KM Open

Timber Creek Cross Country Ski Center, West Dover VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/21/18 report
Closed for Wednesday
[from their website] “Cold temperatures get to refreezing Thursday night.
Maybe some snow late Thursday afternoon/evening 1-4””

Viking Nordic Center, Londonderry VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/21/18 report
Base 2 – 8″, wet snow
20 KM Open today, closed for Thursday

Garnet Hill Lodge XC Ski Center, North River NY
4-1/2 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
2/21/18 report
Base 1 – 2″

Okemo Valley Nordic Center, Okemo VT
4-1/2 hr drive (central VT)
2/21/18 report
Base 2″
18 KM Skating

Wild Wings Ski Touring Center, Peru VT
4-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/21/18 report

Cascade Cross Country Center, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
2/21/18 report
Base 5 – 6″ , loose granular
15 KM Classic

Olympic Sports Complex at Mt Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
2/21/18 report
Base 4″, wet powder on hard pack
50 KM Open

Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center, NY
5 hr drive (northern NY)
2/21/18 report
Base 12 – 15″, wet and variable snow
40 KM Classic
40 KM Skating
(no grooming today due to warm temp)

Mountaintop Inn & Resort, Chittenden VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
2/21/18 report
1 KM Open

Rikert Nordic Center, Ripton VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
2/18/18 report
Base 2 – 15″
43 KM Open
40 KM Groomed
(but no update after the weekend)

(* All drive time estimates based on leaving uptown Manhattan. Current conditions reports from snocountry.com, trailhub.org, ski area website reports, and some general detective work)

The infographic:

Light snow or wintry mix could occur on Thursday and Friday in areas from the mid-Hudson valley up to the Adirondacks and east  to southern VT, moving NE during the weekend.

snowforecast 2018-0222_19
Snow forecast for Feb. 22 2018, 7pm
snowforecast 2018-0223_13
Snow forecast for Feb. 23 2018, 1pm