Galoshes and crampons in NYC, VT beautiful as usual

People looking at Prospect Mtn ski slope
Stunned humans gaze at frozen white stuff from the sky (Prospect Mtn Ski center photo)


(updated Friday Feb 9) New York winter- the classic snow/sleet/rain that freezes overnight. Fantastic.

But there’s skiing within a 2-hour drive and conditions should be nice at least through Saturday, despite warming temps. Meanwhile, envy the Vermonters and Osceola, who got all the nice stuff from the sky.

State of the touring centers

Day trip range*:

Fahnestock Winter Park, Carmel NY
1 hr 15′ drive (mid-Hudson region)
2/8/18 report
Closed for skiing- didn’t get enough snow

High Point Cross Country Ski Center, Sussex NJ
1-1/2 hr drive (NW NJ)
2/8/18 report
3″ received last 24 hrs
12 KM open

Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz NY
2-1/2 hr drive (mid-Hudson region)
2/9/18 report
[from their website] “Skiing surface is a mix of granular, frozen granular,and ice Groomers have chopped up and set track on most trails Use caution in turns and on hills.”

Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Kerhonkson NY
2-1/2 hr drive (mid-Hudson area)
No report  yet, but proximity to Mohonk indicates probability of similar conditions.

Mountain Trails Cross Country Ski Center, Tannersville NY
3 hr drive (Catskills)
2/9/18 report
[from their website] ” The trails will be open this weekend, February 10th and 11th, for skiing and snowshoeing. Please check back for updates. Please check our ski conditions or email us for more information.”

Pineridge Cross Country Ski Area, Petersburg NY
3 hr drive (Troy region)
2/9/18 report
Base 6 – 7″
34 KM open
25 KM trackset
15 KM skate

Canterbury Farm Nordic Center, Becket MA
3 hr drive (western MA I-90 corridor)
2/9/18 report
Base 3 – 8″
[from their website] “Open for skiing with grooming and track set this morning. Excellent conditions, 100 % open.”

Early start day trip, or a 36-hour getaway*:

Prospect Mountain, Woodford VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/8/18 report
9 – 12″ received last 24 hrs
Base 18+”
Packed powder

Weston Ski Track, Weston MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Boston area)
2/8/18 report
2 KM open

Northfield Mountain Cross Country Ski Area, Northfield MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, northwestern MA)
2/8/18 report
[from their website] “We received 4″ of snow during Wednesday’s storm before the precipitation changed to sleet/ freezing drizzle which created a thin crust on the top. Temperatures dropped overnight so we can begin grooming this morning. With no base prior to the storm we will plan to open the front field loops, Fuller’s pasture, Rattlebone and Angel’s Roost trails on Friday.”

Stump Sprouts Ski Touring and Guest Lodge, Charlemont MA
3-1/2 hr drive (Berkshires, off Rt 2)
2/7/18 report
[from their website] “6-8 ” of new snow. The plan is to groom and be open on Saturday for both day visitors and lodge guests. “

Brattleboro Outing Club, Brattleboro VT
3-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/5/18 report
Base 0 – 6″
17 KM open

If you can stay a night or two*:

Gore Mountain Nordic Center, Johnsburg NY
4 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
2/8/18 report
Base 6 – 18″
4 KM  Classic
5 KM  Skating

Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center, Northville NY
4 hr drive (Albany region)
2/8/18 report
10″ received last 24 hrs
Base 18 – 24″
47 KM  Classic
47 KM  Skating

Maple Corner Farm, Blandford MA
4 hr drive (southwestern MA I-90 corridor)
No current report

Notchview Reservation, Windsor MA
4 hr drive (Berkshires, Rt 9 corridor)
2/8/18 report
[from their website] “We got a heavy 4″ of snow from yesterday’s event. A little sleet and brief freezing rain mixed in. The result is a more durable snow than we have had. We will be open by late morning with a packed powder surface.”

Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center, Grafton VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/8/18 report
8″ received last 24 hrs
Base 18″
11 KM Open

Timber Creek Cross Country Ski Center, West Dover VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/5/18 report
10″ received last 24 hrs
Base 8 – 16″
All trails open

Viking Nordic Center, Londonderry VT
4 hr drive (southern VT)
2/8/18 report
6″ – 10″ Past 24 Hours
Base 8 – 10″, Powder – Packed Powder
31 KM Classic
22 KM Skating

Garnet Hill Lodge XC Ski Center, North River NY
4-1/2 hr drive (southern Adirondacks)
2/8/18 report
11″ Past 24 Hours
Base 12 – 18″
55 KM Classic
25 KM Skating

Okemo Valley Nordic Center, Okemo VT
4-1/2 hr drive (central VT)
2/6/18 report
Base 15 – 15″
18 KM Classic
18 KM Skating

Wild Wings Ski Touring Center, Peru VT
4-1/2 hr drive (southern VT)
2/8/18 report
9″ Past 24 Hours
Base 18 – 26″
24 KM Classic

Cascade Cross Country Center, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
2/7/18 report
Base 5 – 6″ , loose granular
15 KM Classic
5 KM Skating

Olympic Sports Complex at Mt Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid NY
5 hr drive (High Peaks region)
2/8/18 report
8″ Past 24 Hours
Base 4 – 14″, Packed Powder – Hard Pack
50 KM Classic
50 KM Skating

Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center, NY
5 hr drive (northern NY)
2/9/18 report
[from their website] “10 degrees and just a few small flakes in the air. 1 inch dry powder overnight and 1-3 inches in the forecast for today. Saturday 33 with periods of snow with 1-3 inch in the forecast. Sunday 34 and cloudy… [trails are] on the soft side for skating… classic is the better technique today.  Packed powder snow on a 16 inch plus base.”
40 KM Classic
40 KM Skating

Mountaintop Inn & Resort, Chittenden VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
2/8/18 report
12″ Past 24 Hours
Base 6 – 24″, Machine Groomed – Packed Powder
57 KM Classic
40 KM Skating

Rikert Nordic Center, Ripton VT
5 hr drive (central VT)
2/8/18 report
Base 12″
42 KM Open
10 KM Groomed
10 KM Trackset

(* All drive time estimates based on leaving uptown Manhattan. Current conditions reports from,, ski area website reports, and some general detective work)

The infographic:

NWS snow depth NE US
Snow depth Feb 8 2018

Snow depth as of Thursday (above); forecast calls for some light snow/wintry mix Friday evening as far south as the mid-Hudson valley, and east to the Berkshires:

NWS snowfall forecast for Feb 9 2018
Snowfall forecast for Friday Feb 9 2018